About Me

Welcome to Mindful Virginia. My name is Barbara Ann Decost. I found my way to mindfulness over 18 years ago following a series of traumatic life events and my life transformed in very positive and powerful ways. Since my introduction all those years ago I have pursued education and training with some of the industry leading teachers and coaches. In my workshops I endeavor to share skills and practices that will enable greater peace and resiliency in your life, ways to cope with mental, emotional and physical stress while building compassion for yourself and other. Please join me on a journey to a greater sense of well being.

Certifications and Training

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training – Engaged Mindfulness Institute
  • MBSR – University of Massachusetts Medical Center
  • Mentoring Mindfulness for Professionals – Duke University Health System Clinical Education
  • Energy Focused & Spiritual Meditation – American Institute of Healthcare Professionals